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A Very Warm Welcome

We are a professional firm of independent financial advisers serving clients in Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire, and the surrounding area. We pride ourselves on our family friendly nature, aiming to help clients build secure futures. We have many years of experience providing our services to individuals, families and businesses (and their staff).

You can see the wide range of independent financial advice that we provide by clicking on the "Financial Advice" button in the menu above.

Our independent financial adviser is Ian Francis, very ably assisted by his wife Emma. We enjoy solving our client's problems and finding solutions for all types of clients. We see a high demand for highly personal and trusted face-to-face independent financial advice.

Being highly professional we are members of a variety of professional bodies as well as having Chestnut directly authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority - unlike most firms that are tied and use networks to shoe-horn clients into buying particular products. So we have the strength and technical knowledge to give our clients their much-deserved high-quality unique service.

All clients are seen face to face. We do not believe we can offer our gold standard of independent financial advice by telephone or on-line.

We are committed to putting clients at the heart of everything we do and to developing long-term relationships with them. We make sure that we understand the individual needs of each client and implement tailored financial plans to address those needs. We are not restricted by providers, lenders or investment companies - we are truly independent financial advisers!

At the heart of Chestnut is a belief that our service should always be professional, friendly, ethical and honest. However you may also detect our sense of humour is equally as vital - so be aware of Farley!

So why not give us a call or drop us an email and see if we are the right independent financial advisers for you?

Our Support During These Difficult Times

We are determined to provide our clients with detailed information to help them understand what the current period of investment  uncertainty means for them, whether they have sufficient funds to cope in the meantime, and how will the measures announced by the government help.

Our family is self-isolating for the next few days, thanks to George, but we are definitely on the telephone and email as usual. Rest assured Farley's fans, he is doing fine. He isn't able to pop down to his local treat supplier (the amazing Tracey and her team at Greens) until the family self-isolation is over, but he is still getting his walks in.

Coronavirus, market instability, and other financial issues will pass in time, keeping invested, reading the information we can feed, and watching for recovery are essential for good financial planning right now.

We know how important it is for our clients to know that their investments are on track to achieve their plans in the long term, but if they’re not, what options to bring things back on track. Our clients have been resilient and patient, benefitted from well diversified portfolios, and the advice and information we have provided throughout this time. We provide regular updates from fund managers and economists as well as lenders and other experts, to deliver on our promise of working hard for you.

If you have any questions then please do get in touch.

Picture of Ian Francis, Independent Financial Advice

About Ian - Independent Financial Adviser and Director

Ian has spent over 30 years’ involved with financial services, in many senior roles including independent financial advice. As well as being a financial adviser, Ian has also worked in legal services. So, he is well qualified to help clients with their very broad range of financial needs.

Ian has been married to Emma, his best friend, tireless listener, unstinting helper, wisest counsellor and greatest encourager, for twenty years.

Ian has three sons and three grandsons. In addition to family time he also enjoys his food, wine and rugby.

Ian has in the past been a director of one of the UK's largest firms of independent financial advice firms. Whilst there he gained a degree in law through the Open University. He has also passed specialist exams for equity release and long-term care financial advice, and belongs to;

  • the Society of Later Life Advisers,
  • the Society of Mortgage Professionals,
  • the Personal Finance Society,
  • the Equity Release Council, and
  • the Society of Will Writers!

Professional Standing

Ian is well qualified to give independent financial advice. He is a member of the professional institutes and societies listed above, he also holds an up to date Statement of Professional Standing from the Personal Finance Society which confirms he;

• uses a code of ethical standards,
• holds the required qualifications,
• has completed ongoing personal development, and
• follows the Financial Conduct Authority's standards.

Feel free to check Ian's professional statement by clicking on the Qualified Member button or here.

Chestnut's Regulatory Standing

Why not check Chestnut's status as an authorised financial advice company with the regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)?

Please do click on the button or here to take you directly to the FCA's register, in a new page.

Ian's Regulatory Standing

Why not check Ian's own authorised status to give independent financial advice with the regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)?

Please do click on the image or here to take you directly to the FCA's register, in a new page.
Independent Advice - Picture of Farley Last Summer

About Farley - and the Boys

Be prepared to hear about Farley (pictured last summer in the garden), Ian's seven-year-old Labrador Retriever, who arrived as a 'Guide Dogs for the Blind' puppy but didn’t quite make their grade. Quite a story, involving Emma hood-winking Ian into having a puppy for the family, then Ian and the boys out-voting Emma to keep Farley after Guide Dogs asked if we would take him back!

Ian spends a lot of time walking Farley in and around the Bassingham area, and you will always find Farley in need of a stroke and warm words.

You will also hear Ian talking about his teenage sons - their trials, tribulations and successes - who keep him busy as a professional taxi driver. They do spend time in the office helping out with preparing our work for clients so you might have one of them answer the phone - very rarely!

Independent Advice - Picture of Emma Francis, Office Manager

About Emma

Emma manages the whole office, guards the company credit card ferociously, and finds solutions to problems, from mortgage market surveys to drafting Wills.

Our office is a very busy place to be during the week. Emma leads our admin support team, our IT work, and our 'treating customers fairly' work.

Callers often speak with Emma first and some of our clients prefer her to sit in on their meetings with Ian, which is more than fine.

Emma is also studying professionally, with the Chartered Insurance Institute and London Institute of Banking and Finance. Emma has already become a member of the Society of Will Writers.

Emma juggles life in the office with being a mum of three boys and nanny to three grandchildren. She is an active and lively part of the local community, especially the Women's Institute. A keen supporter of women's cancer charities, having already cycled in northern India, she has recently announced that her next expedition, in Autumn 2020, will be in Thailand!

Our view is that no matter what your question is, or what your problem is, do get in touch with us and we will always try to help!

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You can telephone our office on 01522 788887, we always look forward to speaking with our clients.

Alternatively, you can email us. Our address is

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