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Meeting Simon’s Residential and Nursing Care Home Costs

Sarah required advice regarding her father, Simon, whom she acts as attorney for. Unfortunately, Simon is widowed and suffering from dementia.

Simon was living with Sarah until he recently moved into residential nursing care.

Both Sarah and Simon were worried about paying for the nursing home fees and asked us to help explain choices and advise.

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The Cost of Care

Lots of people are keen to understand the cost of care.

Sadly many decisions concerning care are made at a time of crisis.

The best strategy is getting good financial advice.

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How Financial Assessments for the Cost of Care Work

This article looks at financial assessments carried out by the Local Authority AFTER they have carried out the care needs assessment.

It follows on from an initial assessment, where relevant for whether somebody should receive care that is fully paid for by the NHS under the Continuing Healthcare regime. Even if not entitled to NHS CHC (as this is known) there may be an entitlement to NHS funded nursing care if an individual is in a care home.

Ultimately, good financial advice from a qualified independent financial adviser accredited with the Society of Later Life Advisers (SOLLA) can prove very useful.

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Squeezing the Pension PIP

Pension planning has never been more important. The value of money has never been so critical to those who don't know about their pensions.

In this article, we explore the basic idea of proverbially "squeezing the pension pip".

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Should I Consolidate My Pensions?

It might be the best advice to consolidate pensions if you have several of them, but we can't advise that until we know what you have - how well invested they are, how long before you are due to retire, what charges are taken, and whether the investment funds themselves are right for you.

With many people changing their employer’s multiple times throughout their working life, most have accumulated different pension plans and may not have had the time or inclination to review and consolidate them each time.

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Coronavirus and Pension Planning

We can all see on the news just how much coronavirus is having a far-reaching financial impact on ourselves, businesses across the UK, and indeed across the world. So a key question for many clients has been how has coronavirus affected our pensions.

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Keeping The Pension Engine Purring

Planning for later life has become much more complicated in recent years. Typically, you tried to build a pension fund as much as possible and bought an annuity when you came to retire. But now there is much more choice and factors to take into consideration, such as how much of one's savings to take and when; will you carry on working, and by how much?

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Solving Family and Equity Release Problems

I am delighted to say I completed a complex equity release case this week, involving children acting not in the best interests of their father, equity release to bring much-needed happiness, and a Will of some complexity.

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How We Do Investment Research

Deciding how to invest your hard-earned savings is always a challenge. The investment world is fast-moving and there are many different investments to choose from. This blog lifts the lid on our investment research for you.

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Ring Ring "How Much Do You Charge"?

In this article I explain my approach to questions about charges - emphasising that my standard of service, asking the big questions in your life, rather than answering small technical questions, is where we add value - aiming to give financial happiness.

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Inheritance Tax - Why Should I Care?

When you die, inheritance tax is paid at 40% on the amount of your estate over the Nil Rate Band Threshold.

Here we’ll look at how it’s worked out, what allowances, rules and exceptions there are and ways to reduce your liability.

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Unbiased is a database of top-rated professional independent financial advisers, mortgage brokers and accountants. Many parts of the government, such as the Money Advice Service as well as various consumer bodies, such as Which?, and leading investment and insurance companies, refer clients and readers to the Unbiased website, for regulated advice.

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The Times VouchedFor’s 2021 Top Rated Financial Adviser Guide

I am humbled and honoured to be recognised by our clients. I am so grateful for the work I do every day and thank you to all who have supported me throughout this incredible journey so far. Our 5-star rating is something we are committed to retaining through high-quality advice and service to all our clients.

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