Business planning advice is key to making sure you know what will happen to the business if something untoward were to happen, whether that’s a death to an owner or key employee, or long term illness/absence.

Business planning advice starts with what you need to keep the business running; looking at the company pension arrangements, from auto-enrolment to company pension schemes and private pensions, and insurances for death, illness and accidents.

The impact of a death of a business owner can be absolutely devastating for the business as well as their family. So business planning advice is there to talk through the options that exist for planning succession and making sure the business and family finances are catered for at such a critical time of insecurity for all.  

We provide workplace financial education, business protection advice and employee benefits consultancy for employers. This means we’re able to provide a comprehensive range of services to employers and to their employees and senior executives.

We have the skills and experience to ensure that our corporate and private clients are serviced together to provide the best outcomes for everyone.