Business planning advice is key to making sure you know what will happen to the business if something untoward were to happen, whether that’s a death to an owner or key employee, or long term illness/absence.

Business planning advice starts with what you need to keep the business running; looking at the company pension arrangements, from auto-enrolment to company pension schemes and private pensions, and insurances for death, illness and accidents.

The impact of a death of a business owner can be absolutely devastating for the business as well as their family. So business planning advice is there to talk through the options that exist for planning succession and making sure the business and family finances are catered for at such a critical time of insecurity for all.  

Auto Enrolment

If you feel a little unclear about getting your auto-enrolment scheme requirements right, look no further for practical advice

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Company Pension Scheme

Getting schemes set-up or fine tuned, reviewing investment choices, and eligibility; saving you time and trouble.

The value of pensions and the income they produce can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.

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Key Person Insurance

When a key person in a business dies it can have a devastating financial effect. You can help safeguard your business against the death, terminal or critical illness of a key person with key person protection.

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Loan Protection

Help protect your company’s financial stability in the event you lose a business partner or shareholder and want or need to repay outstanding business loans, some of which may have personal guarantees or have to be repaid when someone dies.

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Staff Death In Service

Pay your key employee’s family a cash lump sum if they die while employed by your company.

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Shareholder Protection

Keeping the business running by the remaining shareholders, outlasting death or severe illness

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Partnership Protection

Keeping the business running by the remaining partners, outlasting death or severe illness

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