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How We Can Help You With Your Equity Release Needs

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Equity release gives you access to some of the cash that's tied up in your home, without the stress of moving. You can release a tax-free lump sum or you could opt for a plan which will allow you to release funds in stages after an initial lump sum.

You can spend the cash however you wish. This money could boost your retirement finances - whether that means home improvements, pay for those one-off expenses such as buying a car or caravan, the holiday of a lifetime or help for your family and friends.

Lifetime mortgages are increasingly offering homeowners a common sense, tax-­efficient way to:

  • Improve income to keep enjoying a fitter, healthier more active lifestyle
  • Consolidate debts, from mortgages, loans, credit cards etc.
  • Pay off interest-only mortgages
  • Help loved ones via a living inheritance, contribute to education costs or a leg up onto the property ladder
  • Stay at home for longer or pay for care at home
  • Secure the ownership of property following a divorce
  • Move to a more expensive property in retirement {"upselling")

A professional equity release adviser can help identify what might be the most suitable deal available to you, because finding the most appropriate type of mortgage and the most competitive deals, from the wide range to choose from, can be tricky.

Trying to understand what the full range of deals are, never mind spending hours talking about and applying for different deals with different providers, is massively frustrating.

Ever found the mix of headline rates, APRs, fees and charges, confusing? Even then, the deal can be unsuited for you and, realistically, cost more than it need to.

So our role is to advise on potential solutions that are right for your unique needs, and if you want us to help you with the paperwork, and negotiation with providers, then we are delighted to!

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Equity release could reduce your eligibility to means-tested benefits and could affect your tax position.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.