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Chestnut Financial Services Limited

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The BIG Financial Planning Question - Have You Got Enough Money?

What IS Financial Planning - and How Can It Help YOU?

We learn from you, at the start and throughout our relationship with you, what freedom means to you in your life and what life you want to lead - now and in the future.

As an IFA practice based in Bassingham, Lincolnshire, we focus on delivering great financial planning by discovering what you want from us. We will explain what we will and will not do, agree terms and expectations.

Then expect us to ask some good questions - we want to know what you want to achieve, what's important to you and what isn't.

We can then crunch the numbers and develop a draft financial plan, it’s a draft plan because the final touches, the magic of tailoring it to fit you perfectly is done with you, since we don't write template reports, we create meaningful plans for achieving what you want to get out of life, and keep it. Remember - you only live once - life isn't a rehearsal!

Then if there is a need to look at your current financial arrangements, we will advise on them and what changes, if any, are needed. Its fun stuff, hopefully engaging, where you review your cash flow and plans for life. Action might be to repay debt, invest, or generate greater cash inflows, in order to be successful in meeting your plans and dreams.

After 30 years in the financial planning profession, I have learned that following a proven, successful plan, leads to predictable outcomes. But without action, nothing occurs.

Our clients might come to us about their concerns, but we quickly get back to them with information about how things might need to be managed within their lifestyle planning, so that they can get back to living their dreams.

We have seen financial markets become very volatile in recent years so the value of a financial planner is brilliant in order to focus on what you want out of life and keeping it whatever the consequences of markets.

We are here for you, we want to understand what questions and worries you might have, and we want to have a think about who you want to be and where you want to be in the world.

True financial planning is not about mortgages, pensions, ISAs or life assurance, it's about answering one simple questions - how do you want to live the rest of your life?

  • You may be wondering when you can afford to retire so you can enjoy the longest holiday of your life.
  • You may want clarity around all the changes to pensions and tax legislation and how this affects you.
  • You may be unsure of how much you need to sell your business to achieve and maintain the lifestyle you want.
  • You may want to remove the hassle of managing your own financial strategy and delegate this to a professional, giving you more time.
  • You may be unsure whether your current adviser is working in your best interests and would value a second opinion.

There may be lots of distractions in your life that just get in the way of addressing your issues. A key part of our role is to make you recognise that life is not a rehearsal and then to create a financial strategy that will help you achieve the things that you want to do before it is too late.

We will provide answers to your big questions, remove any worries or concerns you may have, and through financial planning aim to achieve your lifestyle objectives sooner than anticipated.

Financial Planning - Farley
Financial Planning - Farley

Financial Planning - The Three Stages of Financial Freedom!

Wealth should be built for a reason, and one of those reasons is for your own security and enjoyment. One day, most of us will want to shift gear. That might not mean stopping work altogether, but instead mean doing more voluntary work, helping out with the grandchildren, or pursuing some other passion.

How well we are able to do that depends on the amount of capital and income we have amassed, and also the decisions we make as we move into this new phase of life. The decisions we make at retirement can affect our lives in more ways than you might think.

In financial planning there are three stages to financial freedom - click on any of them to read more:

I use these three stages a lot with my clients, building their definition of wealth for them, within the financial planning service.

Financial Planning - The Chestnut Logo
Financial Planning - The Chestnut Logo

Financial Plannng Is A Totally Unique Experience - Just For You - No Copy-Cats

We are clear about what they have, now and what's due in the future, and that then matches with the times they want to do something in their life, and so we can see how likely their ambitions are for their lifetime.

We talk about retirement ages and their aims for what they want to get out of life - because doing stuff before its too late should be the key thing to think about - since life isn’t a rehearsal – so we look at setting the time for getting stuff done.

It takes time to build YOUR financial picture, but it's worthwhile. Looking at expenditure requirements is not as daunting as it sounds. Getting a fix on what is spent can be enlightening, powerful, and put you in control of your financial future. Not knowing how much you spend is what always causes problems. Remember we are talking about you getting and keeping the life you want!

We always talk over what your doubts, fears, worries, and concerns are, since we need to feel that the financial plan is going to make you feel happy! Financial planning shows if and when the money will run out, and what changes could be made to avoid that.

Of course, we are independent financial advisers, so we can see if your money has been invested in the right places or attracting too much risk – potentially causing you stress and worry, and potentially to miss your goals.

Financial planning is fun – using prudent assumptions can see what’s going on in your money bucket. You might be amazed at the opportunities that are there.

Financial Planning Questions and Answers

A host of questions a financial planner can work out the answers with you for:

  • When can I retire?
  • Can I afford to spend money now?
  • Do I need to save or invest?
  • Do I need to achieve better returns?
  • Can I afford to take less risk?
  • Can I work less?
  • Can I change my career?
  • Can I work because I want to, not because I have to?
  • Can my retirement plan bring more meaning to my life?
  • Can I earn money from doing what I love?
  • What can I get out of a financial plan when I don’t know what I want?

Actually, the answer to that last question is that a financial planner’s aim is to work with you to identify the answers to:

  • Where do you want to get to?
  • How are you going to get there?

Together we can tailor your financial planning so that you can be confident about where you are heading financially.

What we hope to provide in return for trusting us is peace of mind, financial security and financial independence. We will talk to you about your desired lifestyle – the way you choose to live your life, what you do, want to do, and don’t want to do.

Whatever your circumstances, no matter how much or little money you have got, understanding your money and what's going to happen to your bucket, enables you to take control and live life more fully.

Chestnut Bullet Point
Chestnut Bullet Point

Financial Planning - Forecasting With Confidence In The Future

Creating a financial plan helps to see what the future might look like.

  • We take the current situation and make assumptions/guesses (they are the absolute best professional guesses we can make) in areas such as longevity, inflation, investment returns, tax rates etc, and see what the future might look like.
  • If this does not provide the lifestyle you want, we come back to the present, make changes (for example, saving more, spending less, or stopping work later) and then see what this revised future looks like (and vice-versa if the plan shows you have too much money (for example saving less, spending more and retiring earlier)!

At each review we take your real-world changes and add them into the plan - you get ongoing peace of mind and certainty to get on with your life!

Our Four Stages For Financial Planning

* Getting to know you

We ask questions to understand your aspirations, values, and objectives. We learn where you are now financially, understanding what is important to you, as well as any financial worries or concerns you may have. You'll notice we get you to do most of the talking and we listen. We see how our service can help you achieve your objectives.

* Planning and creating your strategy

We create a clear picture of whether your objectives are achievable if you were to do nothing, then some financial forecasts of various ‘what if’ scenarios. We provide answers to your big questions.

* Actioning your plan

With your approval we will implement any agreed strategies to help you achieve your objectives. You might want to focus on:

  • Structuring your financial affairs so you minimise your tax liabilities
  • Building, protecting and sustaining your wealth by crafting a transparent, low-cost investment strategy
  • Ensuring you and your family are financially secure whatever happens
  • Minimising Inheritance Tax

* Enjoy

By regularly revisiting and adjusting your plan you will have continued clarity and confidence that your financial strategy is being professionally managed so you have more time to enjoy life.

Chestnut Financial Services Limited
Financial Planning - The Chestnut Logo

Next Steps

I’m thinking that if you read this far, you’re keen to get your finances in order and secure your future.

So, more power to you on this exciting journey.

So feel free to contact me and talk about our financial planning service and I’ll do all I can to help!

Contact Us - Emma Francis
Contact Us - Emma Francis

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You can telephone our office on 01522 788887, we always look forward to speaking with our clients.

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