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At the start of everything, my dad went through everything i needed to acknowledge to make my week enjoyable.

In the morning of day 1, my dad showed me a few pieces of work that he was eligible to show me(was given permission). After that my dad went through a few key financial terms such as Illiquid, Investments, and pensions(So it didn’t sound like gibberish). In the afternoon I was shown; how to qualify to be a financial advisor, how much experience my dad had, and who my dad is authorised by.

Day 2, my dad talked to me about wills, investments, Life cover, Critical illness, income protection and Bradford score. that lasted till lunch time. After lunch we got straight into some complaint files which lasted a couple of hours then my day ended

Cold chilly wet Wednesday: told that I had to do some marketing and advertising. it was Interesting and difficult thing to grasp. But I cracked on with my dad whilst giving each other pointers on where to put stuff and how it works. The advertisement was for the local community of villages, further out villages and one hamlet. This took us some time to fit all the dimensions right so the magazine can correctly hold my dad’s company name.

Thursday I was working hard on my page whilst using this picture to help me.