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Investments -

Saving and Spending Wisely

Our Value For You

  • We help you understand investments
  • We solve how to get extra returns, save costs, or get the right balance, for your investments
  • We match what you want out of life with what you have, taking no unnecessary risks
  • We look at tax-efficiency for you
  • We design investment portfolios suited for you and can help keep an eye on them, regularly
  • We can take the complex, and distill it simply
  • We are independent financial advisers, using market-leading research to find answers for your problems
  • We take the hassle of administration away from you; form filling, button pressing – all saving you time, trouble and concerns if anything wasn’t quite right

If you want the reassurance somebody is on your side working hard to get a solution for you, give us a call.

What our advice can do for you

We want to make sure you get the right pension and investment advice so that you can save and spend wisely

- and that takes great quality independent financial advice.

  • We can help answer "how much do I need to retire", "am I making the best use of my money", "am I being tax-efficient", "what risks am I taking", and "can I do things better"
  • We can help you really understand what you have and make it work hard for you
  • We work with you to create the right kind of investment portfolio to match your objectives e.g. retirement, house deposit, education fees, marriage, etc
  • When its time to take income or capital (or both) we can advise on the best way to do it
  • We can advise on how best to invest an inheritance or other windfall you've received
  • We can help you understand if you have got enough money to retire now, or sooner than planned

Ian is qualified through and a member of, the Personal Finance Society, to make sure all his advice is the best available for his clients.

Please click here to read more about the Personal Finance Society.

The BIG Financial Planning Question

- Have You Got Enough Money?

We want to solve this question for you!

  • Many of our clients soon realise that we can help them to change their lives through financial planning.
  • What does it mean to live a good life? Does it mean enjoying experiences? Love? Success? Opportunity?
  • Many people have asked us some very important questions, which we see as "will I be ok?" and "will my family be ok?".
  • Have you ever said 'one day I would like to...'? We need to understand what plans you have for the future and how you have got to where you are.
  • What if there isn't a 'one day'? We like thinking about what you want out of life - it isn't a rehearsal - our precious time is slipping away.
  • Why not do it now? We want to help and inspire you to do stuff in the time we have left on this planet, not your money.
  • We think you want us to answer your questions - whatever they may be - and to work with you to clarify what really makes you happy.
  • So, we look at your current financial plan (if you have one) and see what, if anything, needs changing to help you understand how to achieve what you want to in life!

Need Financial Advice on Divorce?

Our Value For You

We completely understand the strain, stress, anguish, and emotional upheaval involved with divorce.

  • We help you rebuild your finances with confidence
  • We help sort out investments, insurances, Wills, and mortgages
  • We can build financial plans with you that give you financial security for life!
  • We help you understand and manage your finances - budgeting and debt consolidation


The value of investments can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.

About Farley

Please Get In Touch

We always look forward to speaking with our clients.

About Farley

Please Get In Touch

We always look forward to speaking with our clients.

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