Our Mortgage Advice Service

A Warm Welcome From Ian Francis, Chestnut's Independent Mortgage Adviser

Mortgages come in many shapes and sizes, so it can be complicated and difficult to find the right one to suit your needs and at the lowest cost.

As an independent mortgage adviser, Ian's range of clients has included; first time buyers, purchasers, remortgagers, buy-to-let landlords, second chargers, bridging loaners, self builders, and property converters, renovators and refurbishers. Quite a list!

We want to make sure you get the right deal for you - and that takes great quality independent mortgage advice. We search the whole of the market, match lenders individual lending criteria to your situation, check affordability, help with decisions in principle and full applications - onwards towards completion!

Whether you have been frustrated by the banks, or just want the reassurance somebody is on your side working hard to get a solution for your unique situation, why not give us a call and see if we can give  the right mortgage advice for you!

Our Mortgage Advice Service

Whatever your questions, our mortgage advice service aims to explain everything for you, at your pace, usually in your home. We can give you the confidence when thinking about mortgages because you will be dealing with an independent mortgage adviser who can give impartial advice and research from the widest range of solutions available, using the latest technology.

Whatever your situation, finding the most appropriate type of mortgage and the most competitive deal, from the potentially hundreds to choose from, can be tricky. But professional independent mortgage advice such as that provided by ourselves might just be the perfect answer. We can  search the whole of the lending market for you, giving you the confidence that you have the right deal at the right price. We examine headline rates, underlying details and lender's fees, and give you the confidence to know what the best deals are - that's what independent mortgage advisers do best!

We save you spending hours talking about your situation with each individual lenders, and save you hours applying for different deals with the different lenders. Our mortgage advice service aims to avoid the risk of being turned down or being given something less than competitive. Imagine having friendly mortgage advice that takes all that time and frustration away from you. Even if sadly some lenders might turn you down, we work hard across the market to find solutions!

We'll work hard to make sure we know your budget for your new mortgage package and that you understand your options. We take as much time as you need to feel happy with the answers we can give to all the questions you may have. We can handle your paperwork with lenders, applying for decisions in principle and making full applications, as well as liaise with lenders and legal teams to make completing as easy and quick as possible.

Our service never stops there - we always stay in touch to make sure everything is proceeding ok, and as mortgage advisers, we can review your situation as regularly as you would like.

Our First Time Buyer Service

If you think its all rather daunting to find a mortgage then rest assured, we answer all of your questions for you and provide independent mortgage advice in a clear and understandable way.

There are a few questions many first timers have, and need answers to; what can I afford, what value of property can I look for, what deposit do I need, what costs and legal processes are involved? Ian's role as a mortgage adviser is to answer these questions - and many more - for you, at your pace, and your convenience.

We want you to feel really comfortable you can afford your new home, that you understand the numbers, and feel comfortable you have indeed received great independent mortgage advice. We enjoy doing all of the hard work for you, working hard for find you the ideal mortgage package that fits your budget and background, and supporting it with great mortgage advice.

We have built a strong reputation for helping first time buyers, with all kinds of personal situations, even if you have struggled with credit problems, need a high level of borrowing, or have an unusual property in mind. If you would like to talk to us then don't hesitate to get in touch.

Our Remortgage Advice Service

Many of us stay with the same mortgage lender even when the initial borrowing rate has ended. We may be able to save money by remortgaging - switching to a new mortgage provider or finding a better deal with the existing lender.

Chestnut has a solid reputation for giving great mortgage advice to those clients looking at remortgaging, helping to arrange great deals that save money. Our mortgage advice service can take the hassle out of remortgaging.

We act on your behalf, taking into account all your personal circumstances and finding the right solution. We shop around the different lenders to find the best rate for you and support it with professional mortgage advice. We can prepare all the paperwork to give you the best service and least inconvenience.

Please give us a call to see if our mortgage advice service is right for you!

Our Buy to Let Mortgage Advice Service

If you plan to rent out your home you need a buy-to-let mortgage.

There are some key differences between buy-to-let and ordinary mortgages that could potentially make it more difficult to buy a property for rental purposes.

Chestnut have plenty of experience in dealing with customers in the property business. This helps when arranging the best deal for your circumstances and anticipated rental income.

We regularly speak with a wide range of lenders specialising in the buy to let market, who have great deals available. We are confident our mortgage advice on buy to lets will give property landlords great deals.


Interested in Bridging Loan or Second Charge Mortgage Advice?

Bridging loans are commonly used for enabling a property transaction to complete whilst the borrower is waiting for a property, in which they have equity, to complete its sale (auctions and rescuing buying chains are good examples). There are many other reasons though, such as:

  • Paying tax bills
  • Raising capital quickly
  • Buying an investment property e.g. auctions, refurbishments, land without planning permission
  • Looking to purchase a property but are yet to sell their existing one e.g. downsizing
  • Want to convert an estate into several separate properties
  • Wish to acquire an uninhabitable property or extend a lease
  • Helping Buy To Let landlords expand their property portfolio if a property isn't yet in a rentable condition

Second charge mortgages allow you to use any equity you have in your home as security against another loan. This might help you meet an unexpected bill, or pay something extra off at cheaper borrowing rates than using credit cards or unsecured loans.

Useful options to consider, but always with the benefit of qualified and experienced independent mortgage advice.

Mortgage Advice

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