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Our Mortgage Advice

Director and Financial Adviser

Mortgages come in many shapes and sizes, so it can be complicated and difficult to find the right one to suit your needs and at the lowest cost.

Our Range of Clients and Types of Mortgage

First time buyer mortgages, purchases, remortgages, second charge loans, bridging loans, self build mortgages, conversions, renovations and refurbishment mortgages are just a few of the range available on the market; and we want to make sure you get the right deal for you. Maybe your current deal with your lender is coming to an end, or you are now on their standard variable rate, but looking for a better deal?

Office Manager

Our Service For Clients

Whatever your questions, we explain everything for you, at your pace, usually in your home.

Whatever your situation, finding the most appropriate type of mortgage and the most competitive deal, from the potentially hundreds to choose from, can be tricky. But professional mortgage advisers such as ourselves can search the market for you, giving you the confidence that you have the right deal at the right price. We examine headline rates and fees, and give you the confidence to know what the best rates are.

We save you spending hours talking about and applying for different deals with different lenders, avoiding the risk of being turned down or given something less than competitive. Imagine having a friendly mortgage adviser that takes all that time and frustration away from you.

We'll work hard to make sure we know your budget for your new mortgage package and that you understand your options. We take as much time as you need to feel happy with the answers we can give to all the questions you may have. We can handle your paperwork with lenders, applying for decisions in principle and making full applications, as well as liaise with lenders and legal teams to make completing as easy and quick as possible.

Our Remortgaging Advice

Many of us stay with the same mortgage lender even when the initial borrowing rate has ended. We may be able to save money by remortgaging - switching to a new mortgage provider or finding a better deal with the existing lender.

Chestnut has a solid reputation for remortgaging customers, helping to arrange great deals that save them money. We can take the hassle out of remortgaging. We act on your behalf, taking into account all your personal circumstances and finding the right solution. We shop around the different providers and will find the best rate for you. All the paperwork can be filled in and dealt with by us, ensuring that your new mortgage is set up without any inconvenience to you.

Our Insurance Advice

Insurance Advice
Life holds no guarantees, but you can put protection in place so that if accidents, or worse, should happen, you or your loved ones will be protected financially. These events can occur at any time and will inevitably cause strain financially and personally. Our role is to help you understand those potential problems and help you calculate the amount of cover that might be needed, and advise on affordable solutions.

There are lots of products designed to improve the financial resilience of individuals, households and businesses and give peace of mind. For example, there's home and contents insurance, life cover, serious illness cover, income protection, and private medical insurance, as options to consider.

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