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About Ian Francis

Ian has been married to Emma, his best friend, tireless listener, and greatest encourager, for twenty years.

He has three sons and three grandsons, and enjoys his family time, food, wine, rugby, and walking Farley.

With having spent over 30 years involved with financial services, in many senior roles including independent financial advice and regulation, Ian is well placed to give high quality advice on all sorts of problems.

In addition to a wide range of qualifications, accreditations and professional memberships, Ian has also passed specialist exams for equity release and long-term care advice.

About Emma Francis

Emma manages the office in Bassingham, and researches solutions to our client's problems.

She is also the guardian of all that goes in the office!

Having already cycled in northern India to raise money for women’s cancer charities, Emma's next expedition for the same charities will be in  Sri Lanka!

A proud mum, nanny (and very lucky wife), and talented artist, the world rightly revolves around Emma.

About Farley

Be prepared to hear about Farley, the Labrador Retriever.

He first arrived into the family as a 'Guide Dogs for the Blind' puppy but didn’t quite make their grade.

Quite a story, involving Emma hood-winking Ian into having a puppy, then Ian keeping Farley after Guide Dogs asked if we would take him back!

Farley is the office's official stamp-licker, guest-greeter, and foot-warmer, and doesn't mind being the centre of attention if guests insist...

About Ben and George

As Ian and Emma's teenagers, you may hear them answer the phone to you, but that's rare!

Ben specialises in keeping the office supplied and is a dab hand at photography (I'll miss him when he goes to University to study architectural lighting later in the year).

George, one year younger than Ben, is very laid back (horizontal) about his social media and other communications work.

Emma and I wonder what we'll do after they leave home!

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