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A Warm Welcome From Ian Francis, Independent Financial Adviser

We enjoy the opportunity to take a rounded, life-long, approach to pension advice, taking into account each client’s hopes and aspirations, as well as their financial situation. Our aim is to give you the confidence that by taking pension advice you can get on and enjoy the lifestyle you want to prepare for.

Pension funding needs to take account of what you believe is affordable and realistic compared to what you would wish to aim for as a retirement pot. Pension funding is highly tax efficient, so what you need from great pension advice is to build your portfolio in the style that is most suited to you.

We try to help you create your pension pot wealth, ensuring you maximise your standard of living for when you do not want to work so hard, so that money is available when you want to spend it.

To give you all-round pension advice we look at platforms and products (the wrappers or ‘pots’ that you hold your investments in) and the assets (the underlying investment holdings), matching them to your personal circumstances, needs, objectives, and thoughts on investment risk.

We will talk through with you how soon you want to aim for taking retirement benefits. Time frames vary for different goals and will affect the type of risks you can take on.

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The Benefit of Independent Pension Advice

Most people would love the chance to maximise the potential of their hard-earned money and savings, building into a big pension, with flexibility for tax free lump sums and income.

Once you’ve decided to start saving into a pension, you’ll need to choose the type of pension that is right for you and where to save.

If you have access to a workplace pension scheme, then it’s likely to provide you with the most convenient route into pensions saving.

If you don’t have access to a workplace pension, for example if you’re self-employed, then you’ll need to set up your own personal pension.
Unlike with a workplace pension, where the decision you face is whether or not to stay in a single scheme chosen by your employer, when you’re setting up your own personal pension, the decision is much broader because there’s a wide range of options on the market to choose from.

Our independent pension advice considers schemes, the charges for setting up and running your pension, any rules that apply to the timing or size of your contributions, your investment fund options, and how easily you can transfer your savings to another scheme if you want to.

We consider basic personal pensions, stakeholder pensions and SIPPs (self-invested personal pensions). We also look deeply into your investment profile – the mix of cash, bonds, shares, property etc - with your objectives, attitude to risk, and potential growth.

It is well worth getting pension advice to maximise growing your pots, giving you a range of options, and all the while maximising your tax efficient choices.

Our independent pension advice can confidently cover all these situations, and a lot more!

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Pension Advice and Risk of Loss

No pension advice service would be sensible without taking into account your attitude to investment risk and capacity for investment loss. We will make certain that we understand your investment profile – the risks you are willing to take to achieve gains vs any potential losses you are prepared to accept. Just as importantly are the risks you are not prepared to take or losses you are not prepared to accept - after all who plans for a pension only to find it isn't sufficient.

We balance these needs carefully. In this way, we can deliver a well-diversified range of investment advice to match your attitude to risk.

We recommend spreading investments across different types of investments and take account of any economic factors both in the UK as well as internationally.

Our role in providing pension advice is to build funds and explain any of the terms so that you understand them and can make a financial plan with confidence.

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