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Will writing service by Ian Francis
Will writing service by Ian Francis

Are you looking for help writing a Will or for probate?

A Will - it's probably not something you'd want to think about - but making sure your estate goes to the right people is important for most clients.

Your Will is a legal document that provides instructions when you die, to say where your assets are to go, and also for more practical matters.

You can write as many Wills as you like over your lifetime, it's only the most recent one you wrote and signed before your death that's valid.

Getting expert professional advice from an experienced and well-qualified financial adviser will help build your confidence that your Will is up to date and correct, reflecting your wishes.

So why write a Will?

The first thing to realise about a Will is that you're not doing it for yourself, you're doing it for your family, who have the responsibility of dealing with your estate and implementing decisions when you're gone.

So a Will helps make it clear who you want to be the executor and administrator of your estate - if you don't instruct this in your Will, your family must work it out between themselves.

This can lead to arguments, mistrust and fall-outs even in the tightest knit families, especially when people are grieving and may not be thinking clearly.

The reality is that you can put off making a Will until it is too late and this poses all sorts of problems for the people left behind and could mean that some, or all of your inheritance, either goes to the wrong person or to the state.

Our services

We offer expert advice on Will writing - drafting them for clients around their own unique personal circumstances.

Each Will is drafted to make sure that our clients' estates pass only to their chosen beneficiaries and avoid many common pitfalls or mistakes that could cost money or create further heartache for those left behind.

We use our expertise and experience to write Wills that comply with the legalities required.

Will writing can be a bit of an art form if things are a bit complex, or, as I often find, Will writing is simply a straightforward matter of getting the facts recorded legally, without fuss, pomp or circumstance, and inexpensively.

Will Writing Service Photo of Farley the Labrador
A warm welcome from Farley
What's on your mind? Let's talk...

We offer a free, no-obligation, initial telephone consultation for new clients to answer some initial questions and help you with some first steps.

After that, we will then ask if you would like to set aside more time at a good time of day for you, when we can meet in person (with or without Farley), on video, or by phone, whichever is most convenient for you.

We charge a flat rate per Will of £100, but discounts are available.

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What it means to be SOLLA accredited

Clients requiring financial planning in their later life benefit from advice that is clear and concise. Such advice comes from an adviser that is suitably qualified and experienced to advise them and manage their financial planning.

We have been advising clients on long term care solutions for several years now, backed up not just by professional qualifications but also by the membership of various professional bodies, most notably the;

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What our clients have said

"Ian was lovely. He came and talked us through our ideas about who would be executors, how to describe the beneficiaries, the trustees, the terms, and the conditions. 

When he left we felt as if he really understood what we wanted for our family. Just as importantly he proved his value by showing us where some of our ideas wouldn't be legally allowed and had given us ideas about what to do instead. 

We just thought he was lovely and generous."

Wendy and David - Waddington

Important Information

Please note Will writing and probate services are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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