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Will writing - and Lasting Powers of Attorney - the truth is, it’s probably something you’d rather not think about.

But we feel sure that you would rather leave your hard-earned money to your loved ones rather than the government through inheritance tax, or to people you wouldn't want to inherit it.

  • You really should make sure that you’ve written a Will.
  • Your Will is the only way to ensure your property, savings and possessions go to the people you want to benefit from them after you die.
  • Without a Will, the Laws of Intestacy apply - they decide who inherits your possessions, property, and money.

A Will also allows you to state who you would like to be guardians for your children, otherwise, the Court of Protection decides it.

Our Will Writing Service

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  • We advise clients on how to best write their Will to reduce or eliminate potential inheritance tax liabilities
  • We advise how to ensure that the balance of estates is split appropriately for your loved ones
  • We answer your questions about Wills
  • We write the Wills ourselves for you
  • We have the right specialist qualification
  • We save you time and trouble
  • We can help with witnessing your Will

Our Professionalism

Ian is a qualified member of the Society of Will Writers, who seeks to protect the public and serve the interests of Will writing professionals.

The Society has grown to become not only the largest but also the leading self-regulatory body governing with over 1,600 members.

Please click here to read more about the Society of Will Writers.

Ian is also a qualified member of the Personal Finance Society.

Please click here to read more about the Personal Finance Society

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